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Jim's personalized approach to ADDIE implementations... D A D D I E -
Building instruction for our children!
Desired Results
Apply project management, instructional design and software development experience into corporate or education curriculum / course development projects.
Awarded $90,000+ for creative initiatives using technologies to improve instructional delivery process.

Produced a process analysis video that revealed process improvement needs to executives.
Designed, Developed & Implemented Software Simulations for custom Oracle Applications.
Developed online training modules to expedite user technical training for new systems roll out.

Developed & implemented home access to the Student Information System for 56,000 students and their parents by coordinating web developers and programmers efforts, driven by stakeholder input.
Implemented an enterprise Intranet solution for increased information flow and online interactions.
Established a Corporate University on a learning management system for on-demand course delivery & performance tracking.
In the field...


American Express
Utah State Office of Education
Merit Medical Systems. Inc.
Davis School District
In practice...


Teaching / Training / Facilitating
Schools (11 yrs), Colleges (3 yrs),Corporate (7 yrs)
Process/Task analysis & assessment (5+ yrs)
Group Process Strategies & Modeling (13+ yrs)
Multimedia Communications (9+ yrs)
eLearning Development (Captivate,Oracle UPK 5+ yrs)
Learning Management Systems (5+ yrs.)
See the good old resumé for details!

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